Outro Testo

Testo Outro

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
(feat. DMX)

You give us power through spoken word Father
You see, we have but to ask, with a sincere heart, and it will be
So we thank you for the spoken word Father
You say that when one or more come together in your name
That your presence will be felt
So we not only ask to feel your presence
We need to feel your presence Father~!
We thank you for blessings you've given us this day
Things that, people don't even realize ARE blessings!
The food you've given us to eat
The cars you've given us to drive
The clothes you've given us to wear
The money you've given us to spend
The lives you've allowed us to touch
And the lives that have touched our own
Thank you for all these things Father in the name of Jesus
Thank you again for the power of the spoken word
I pray, I pray, that by the end of this day
This word, which is your word
Coming through my mouth, will touch someone
And save someone's life, in Jesus by your name I pray
Amen, amen...