Still Cruisin' Testo

Testo Still Cruisin'

(feat. Eazy-E)

1 2 3 and to the 4
Eazy muthafuckin E with a chrome to ya dome
Crusin in my 64' ragtop
I got alotta juice alotta fuckin block
Now when i hit dat switch im bouncin
More bounce to tha ounce and im clownin
Keep tha gat in my lap
Cuz im fully strapped
Fo tha carjackaz, but no hapz
Cuz i pack a tech 9 plus an Ak47
Send a one way ticket to hell or maybe heaven
Peep nigga I dont sleep
Bury muthafuckaz in tha concrete
you try to creep kinda slow in tha astro
But i peep u niggaz out my left window
So i blast and i blast til i blast no mo
Yo dey call a muthafucka John Doe

[chorus 3x]
Old nigga E still cruisin
Cruisin down the street in my 64

[The Game]
1, 2, 3 and to tha 4
Pumpz in tha trunk of dat cherry red '64
Im ridin wit tha ghost of Eazy hoppin the leany
He watching fo demonz
Nigga if you try me then im cocking tha nina
Begging lucifer to gimmie a reason
To have a hundred thou. cash brought down to tha precinct
Ima make bail money, this rap shit is a monopoly
And i got property, datz get out of jail money
Nigga i came from poverty
Shoot-outz, gang-banging, and robberiez
Car-jacking, snatching Mata's impalaz
Do that wit or without the ... going inside of me
Hop out the ride and empty the 45 into his body
Im not to be fucked with
Whether im straight out of Compton
Or straight out of Ca$ville wit dat Young Buck shit
Terrorizing Whoo Kid 24/7
'til 1 of you niggas put me with Eazy in heaven.

[chorus 3x]
Old nigga E still cruisin
Cruisin down the street in my 64
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