Stunner Shades Testo

Testo Stunner Shades

nigger don't want with the bjs
don't wanna see niggers on my asshole
especially when i ride with the ...
what you got to .. on the gas floor
wait keep that door
don't climb to the window run to the back door
black out with the black out bass four
blass for give them .. is for
enemies are murder yo ...

ok i break up in the morning sun
being on my stunner shades
rocket light once that i am feeling smoking yesterday

.. in the drive looking like a cheesecake
strawberry .. buy the stuff .. cheesecake
looking they go clean .. red shoes zone

looking like .. mother fucker come get it
tell them that we run the city
i see my nigger gucci say..
and mother fuckers say .. took them out of
.. yes sir
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