Take It Off Testo

Testo Take It Off

Hey girl take it off like you in a dressing room in the ..
And we can get it poppin like the ..
When the true .. I'm going down tattoos
... he shoes on my shoulders
I want that pretty bron ..
Don't wanna sleep
Baby you been on my mind
And I think ti's time that you go there
I'mma riming this room
You ain't leaving no time soon
I'm bout to eat that .. i'k givin other round
Abbay call me at the bar
Why don't you take your clothes off

..give it all
You can .. give it all
Let me .. you and me
..take it off

What you thought ..
I have you ..on lud
And you ..to ride
Why I gotta give you ..
I know you like when I full your hair

I'm talking ..the shit you and me
Baby take it off

I push this on my life
Let me ..take it off, take it off
..take it off

..since the morning morning,
We don't stop we keep going going ..
Since the morning
All night ..going going
..flowing unforgivable like P Diddy ..
We gettin in on
And she be hittin high
We be makin
I make em get on the knees
She be callin me name
She ain't callin ...
All of my chain I get hurt on the range
Good life

Such .. I know you just wanna ..
Take it off... take it off
..to your knees,take ti off

Break it down and go low
Break it down and go low
Won't stop, won't stop
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