Touchdown Testo

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Testo Touchdown

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(feat. Raheem DeVaughn)

[Chorus: Raheem DeVaugh]
When I touchdown
That california feel is in the atmoshpere uh
You know [x3] ahhh
When I touchdown
It's wall to wall with sexy ladies up in here

[Verse 1: The Game]
Kick the [? ] and let's talk (sex)
Let me whisper in your ear how you like your (sex)
Should I unzip your (dress)
Step on out girl and tell me what's (next)
Do you love (yes)
Do you want me (yes)
Than let me rub this oil all on your (flesh)
Take you out of them vickies make you forgot about your (ex)
Let me spray this whip cream on your (chest)
I go downtown you go downtown (ex)
Unstrap my bulletproof (vest)
Take 2 steps back and just (flex)
And by now you gotta be [? ]
Like the ocean after the sun (sets)
It's over climb up on my (chest)
I wore that ass out girl just (rest)


[Verse 2: Raheem DeVaugh]
When I step off in the club you know
It's going down here tonight
[? ]
Let me how you feel
Girl is it real
Girl just make sure you understand
When I put this in your hand
It's so real so real
Candy rain drikling down your window
Close the curtains and take off your clothes
I make you say OH Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh when I touch


[Verse 3: The Game]
There she go again talking all that (jazz)
Girl stop playing I'd tap that (ass)
We go real slow or do it (fast)
Just like I thought you ran out of (gas)
And girl you like the new S(class)
Every time I look at you I want to (smash)
Get inside you and (smash)
You drive me crazy girl I can just (crash)
Jump in your pool and (splash)
Than slow it down like a hour (glass)
Turn around girl look at that (ass)
Beautiful as a Eli Manning (pass)
Round 2 let's grow some (grass)
Get high think about and (pass)
I want to try you on let me pop your (tags)
You so fly I wanna check your [? ]

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