Yung Stunna Testo

Testo Yung Stunna

Strapped in the traps
Money on my mind
.. drinking real wine
Big deals got the money on the big fields
Big .. gotta the house on a big hill
.. 2 50 cash brand new McLaren 3 on a dash
..switching in the fast lane .. hurricane
Swag out you know the .. bottoms
In the club with the models and the .. bottles

Yung Stunna (repeats)

.. will gain
If you ain't in anything you win a full chain
The young Hussein the . who blew flames
...we're running through your bitch like a chew chew train
First do me then do ...then do ..
Jumping on everybody ..all over my body
I crush the Maserati come back in a Ferrari like

Yung Stunna (repeats)

Rich nigger blood game...
4 red Phantoms like fuck it is the ...thing
.. in the watch dimes in the chain nigger running up the game
Getting stupid .. shut
7 years in this bitch new kid on the block
.. in the watch me I had to say it again

Yung Stunna (repeats)
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