Amplifier Testo

Testo Amplifier

The dirty sunlight shines
Through broke Venetian blinds
Cardboard and carpet stains
These houses look the same

I am avoiding what I know I should confront
I disappear into your warmth

They called us both upstairs
We answered unaware
On the couch paralyzed
Tears filled up both their eyes

It's not about you
And you know it's not your fault
We have to do this for ourselves

I know you are only ten
But when you're older you'll know
We do the best that we can
These are the cards we were dealt

Remember that you are loved
You have a family still
It's all a part of god's plan
He will forgive us I know

I wanna crawl inside
Get tangled in the wires
I need new place to go
Instead of real life

I'm so removed from this
I don't even exist
The more the tubes will glow
The further I can go

And away we go

The only thing that's certain now
Is the uncertainty somehow
You have to live with this
You have no say in this

From this point on I just don't care
I will concede to the unfair
I will not bat an eye when you abandon me

I own this moment now
This saturated sound
I cannot compromise
I know only overdrive
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