Love Suicidal Testo

Testo Love Suicidal

You are just another girl and so am I
How we love each other is by our design
They may never ever understand
We may never ever understand

I cannot deny myself forevermore
And I won't apologize for being born
We have only one life to give love
I could die without a chance to love

I have to tell you my heart
I wrote it all down in my journal and left it open
For you to find on my desk
Right next to the photo of us hand in hand after church

Don't you know this world is such a lonely place
So devoid of love that god could not replace
It is all just made up in their minds
And their love is no more real than mine

When you read on you will find
The last words that I'll ever write are meant only for you
I saved up all of my meds
Enough so I won't fail again
I'm not scared anymore

I have nowhere left to turn
My god and my church have both failed me like they failed before
I knelt down beside my bed
And prayed that this torture would end
I'm not scared anymore
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