Rebellion In Dreamland Testo

Testo Rebellion In Dreamland

Voices are calling from somewhere below
melting on the eastern shore
Rain is falling down on me,
been waiting for eternity...
I'll be there!
Freedom for us all!

And I wonder why, why my heart still yearns
and I wonder why, why the earth still turns
and I wonder why, why the sky turns black
Still I wonder why, but there is no turning back

For all eternity, for all the world to see
we're riding high across the wind
and when the storm begins, to wash away all sins
we'll find a place where we'll begin

There's something wrong with the world today,
only the people that are fighting for...
...a better place in the world today,
they don't believe that they gone too far,
...they're falling down.

By moonlight there's a way... for rebellion
here, the world has gone astray... revolution
Now, the time has come to pray... halleluja
deep, inside our minds we wait... for rebellion
Here in dreamland we will not obey the masters

... and the earth still turns
but I'm on my way, he is on the way, as my heart still yearns
... I'm on my way, now he is on the way, and I cry for more
Yes I'm on my way, now he is on the way, gonna find the secret wall

I have seen the secret dreams of those who know eternity
and makes me feel like a shadow sneaking in
In my sleep I'm searching for a way to find the open do
leading me to where it all begins

There's nothing wrong with the world today...


[Solo: Kai]

Now I'm riding through the air
going to where no one dares
on the way I'll cross the line forevermore.
For once in life, I do not care
nothing matters, now I dare
On the ride I'll cross the line
forever to be free

[Solo: Dirk]

Have no fear, Rebellion is here!
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