Somewhere Out In Space Testo

Testo Somewhere Out In Space

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
I'm trapped in a castle of illusionsout in space, - no more illusions -
Out in a jorney, on a mission for the human race
Terrified. I had to realise that I've been takin' to the goods of fire
I got nowhere to stand, 'cause I'm a running man... to get away

All that I see is the years... somewhere out in space
And it's time for deliverance

Tomorrow, I'll see it, another day's rise ... right before my eyes
Been sinking in sorrow, but now I'm gonna rise
No more reasons why

I'm a watcher in the dark, I'm so cold inside my heart
I'm a temple in the storm, and I'm bound to be reborn

Take me down to the underground, let me see the gods of fire
'Cause I'm know where they live and I know where they stand,
Another reason there to leave
Take me down, take me down, take me to the underground
I wanna meet the gods of fire
And all of their intention is the center of it all

All that I see is the years ... somewhere out in space
and it's time for deliverance
Now that I know I've got to get away
Time for deliverance now

And as the sun appeared, up in the sky
I saw another day,that's drifting by
I saw my people cry, a million tears
Into eternity they disappeared

Now it's time to say goodbye, or we will sink in sorrow
No, we don't know the reason why, another day, tomorrow

Oh, thank you for giving me hope
Oh, follow me into a new life

All tha I see is the years, all that I see is the tears

All that I se is the years ... somewhere out in space
And it's time for deliverance
All that I see is the fear ... somewhere out in space
And it's time for deliverance
I wanna know how to get away, I wanna know how to get away
Come set me free, just set me free, just let me go
I wanna get away, get away
Somwhere out in space
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