Blue Message Testo

Testo Blue Message

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
I still remember when
we were rolling in the rain
to steal all from life
we're left alwais empty-handed
we were consoled by the blood pact with the
to be ourselves forever
till the Dawn
defeats the Night.
Sometimes we felt
like heroes
but we crowded the street
like solidiers without a mission
Now you're walking
on the banks of resignation
where the wind of years makes
leaves fall like knives
that stab to death the hope
you keep the ashes of the dream
in your shelter from the storm
and pay every bill that fear gives you
How many times we shouted the truth
no one answered
how many times we came out in pieces
from the struggle against the fate
Season go away
faster and faster and I don't know
if on this road I'm flying
or looking
but there's a place
where we could still conspire together
against these hard times
over there, where dawn defeats the night
Sometimes we felt
like heroes
but we crowded the streets
like solidiers without a mission
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