Giants Steal Water From The River Testo

Testo Giants Steal Water From The River

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
In the Day
when seven Giants
stole water
from the rivers
the sun went to the Man
who'd lost his hope
mixing up
money and tears.
He said to him
your three sisters
Sand, sea and Sky
are dying
if you don't shelter
them from the slaughter of the Giants
a rain of fire
will fall on your fire

When the Moons are only one
you will build the Village of Happiness

The man left
his shelter and went
into the Kingdom
of steel and concrete
He had no weapons
so the sun
sent to him
a stone of iron


The giants were
at the town gates
their weapons sharp
and primed for battle,
through he was
filled with fear
he stood erect
and cast his slingshot.


The biggest giant,
he fell down
and the others
run away
Their cities melted
in the sun
the power of giants
on man laid down
their work of all
the fruits of their
destructive yearnings
from then on the moons
were one, no giant would walk
on the green eart
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