Goin' To The Crossroads Testo

Testo Goin' To The Crossroads

Well, up and down the spanish quarter
with the smiles of queen of hearts
we buried nervous bites of the hours
torn up on the streets of the day.
The revenge angel drags his chains
from the ruins of the last show he shouts
"it was by looking for a new job that I found
all that fascism under the nails"
Before the day comes
goin' to the crossroads.
Well, up and down the station
waiting for the midnight train
we lost our way among the trucks of the crusade
"from the jungle to the front page"
The CIA agent smelled a communist plot
and for a new hair-cut
he told us about when Dennis Hopper drowned
in a sea of Coke in the Grand Canyon
Before the day comes
goin' to the crossroads.
Before the day comes
we found out the secret
in the corners of the beaten streets
runnin' to the crossroads
Well, up and down the eternal waste lands
where the red guard and the indian dance
together with the panter
we ask the fans of the mistic caliber
to teach us a new prayer
The wizard throws the seed in the nuclear wind
and says "go and run don't be afraid
in the memory of our blood
the past will be your brother"
Before the day comes
goin' to the crossroads.
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