All For The Cash Testo

Testo All For The Cash

Take the money never have to run" (3X) "Here's how it goes.." [Guru] All for the cash man, niggaz'll be ready to blast man Mad hoes, 'll be quick, to give up the ass man Traitors, they'll be robbing your stash man Don't wanna end up like the last man If the price is right, niggaz can get trife awright They plot and they scheme, all day and all night And they might even get elaborate enough to plan the illest kind of crime, fuck the average stuff Like this chick who was kickin it, with this baller Pretendin that she loved him, only really loved dollars Holla'd at his man so they could, rendezvous Said to his man, "Forget him, I'm fond of you" So after the screw, she put him down with her plan The utmost betrayal, this nigga's down with her man But the sex changed everything, they conspired to snake him Talked about the best time, and best way, they could take him While in bed, she told him just where her man kept his dough She said, "Yo, tonight he's bout to cop some blow And I know, there' sat least, 50 grand to show Bring a gat, wear a mask, and come through the window I'll leave it open for you, he won't never know So run in, grab the money, later on, you and I can flow If we do this shit right, he won't fight Break out with the cash and stay your ass out of sight" So the nigga sat back, but little did he know he was about to ruin his life over a silly hoe And really though, the whole shit went wrong Cause when he came through the window and pulled out it was on Money they was gon' rob was high, on some shit Dukes with the mask, told him, "Run your shit" He said, "Fuck that shit!" So they tussled n shit Then BLAOW, the burner spit, and the chick's man got hit He died, his man had no loyalty, she's locked up as an accessory His man's doin life, what a tragedy All for the cash man.. "Never have to run"

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