Not High Enough Testo

Testo Not High Enough

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
[Verse 1:]
I woke up in another place looking out wiping the sweat off my face
All around they say, "Mike, come this way."
Slow it down, I'm still trying to figure this thing
Like calm down, tape transition with that sound
All I heard was piano keys hitting and just pound
They said listen it'll get visions
It'll show you the depths and the road to the riches
This is that next evolution
This kind showed me things like I'm back from the future
Like I'm back from the dead and back to the life
Like I'm back to the stars that done gave us light
Like I'm back to doing wrongs cause there ain't no right
In them hot ass days, in them cold ass nights
Feeling hard wet rain, singing smoking?
It's the fire that burns that can make us fight
Oh No

They rolling, they plotting
We smoking, they watching
Eyes open, look what you started
Minds open, look what you started

Not high enough, look what you started
Not high enough, look what you started
Not high enough, look what you started
Not high enough, look what you started

[Verse 2:]
Take one hit of this dope and fall into a trance
Got me stuck in the fetal position for fifteen minutes
Thought it wasn't nothing so you hit it and hit it
Until it kicked in, that's when the room started to spin
Let the mind exit the body and drift
Physical shells only trap you in, box you in
Nothing but a bunch of body parts and bones wrapped in skin
I'm freefalling into another dimension of space and time
Like being blind and given twenty-twenty vision
Sweat dripping, I must be tripping
I tried to awake but no escape through a storm on the lake
And it kept skipping, had a couple brushes with death but kept living on
It's like a mountain that I'm sitting on
Straight off the walls that the hieroglyphics was written on
Stars and planets, arts and science, mathematics
Biomechanics while the Earth spin on an axis

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