Intro - Tha Truth Testo

Testo Intro - Tha Truth

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Yo, yo yo Boo ain't you Gospel now?

Yo, I believe in God

But didn't you leave what's it called?

It's business baby, erythings cool

What you think of these other females taking your style?

I think them hoes garbage

[Hook] repeat 2x
Yo Who the hardest in this game?
Yo who them niggaz wanna claim?
Yo who be running everythang?
Then say my name, say my name

[Verse 1]
Let's Go!
These niggaz be talkin all that game
No, I don't really wanna do tha damn thang
Everytime I look around niggaz say my name
Boy, what you think on when you gimmie brain
No I ain't gospel cause I changed my name
Niggaz lookin sick like they lost six
Opps I meant to say fuck em shh--
No, I meant to say oops and fuck em shh--
Nigga I got my own mafia
UGQ and the street ringers popular
Where the Boo baby I been chillin'
Shawtee gotta keep it in sippin and pimpin
I know yall gonna hate it when I say-
Ride round town hate on me anyway
It really dizz-ont mizz-atter
Because the dizzlady gonna mizzake it
To the next day
I been getting myself together
Dodgin' all the stormy weather
I'm in yo hood lookin good
Ride real good, leather and wood
I got my own label
Kicked niggaz out that wasn't loyal
Watch niggaz crumble up like foil
Niggaz be crowning me cause I'm royal
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