G's Ain't Supposed To Cry Testo

Testo G's Ain't Supposed To Cry

Phone rings.. Girl- Hello? Gangsta Pat- Baby please don't hang up the phone I just need to talk to you for a minute... Girl- Well make it quick.... [Verse 1] There is so much I wannna say I dont know where to start You might think its game but Im speakin from the heart See ive been lonely since you left me I understand And if you give me one more chance I'll be a better man I dont wanna be alone I cant take the pain Voices in my heart steady callin out your name I'll go insane if I cant have you back, listen It feels like a special part of me is, missing This gangsta life is getting hectic I'm in need of love Something sweeter than the angels from the skys above I'm thinkin of you everyday you are always on my mind A woman of your kind is very difficult to find I made mistakes aint nobody perfect, I know I did you wrong but my heart just wont let you go I'm sheading tears and I can't stop no matter how I try I gots to hide cause g's aint supposed to cry [Chorus 2x] Can't you see (cant you see) You killen me(you killen me) Wipe a tear from my eye(wipe a tear from my eye) Cause g's aint supposed to cry(cause g's aint supposed to cry) [Verse 2] All my nights are cold and lonely Now that your gone You use to be my one and only Now I'm alone I need you in my life forever I want you back I cant take this being by myself I shouldnt have acted a fool and let you slip away I regret the things I did to this very day I often pray that you forgive me and come back to me And take my heart out of this pain and this misery Ive never felt what it was like to have somebody there To hold me tight and always show me that they really care Baby I swear I need you here with me for good No more neglecting you and hanging out late in the hood And disrespecting you I must have been too blind to see All the love that I had layin next to me I never thought I'd feel this way and I cant deny I'm trying to hide all my tears I cant lie Cause g's aint supposed to cry [Chorus 2x] [Verse 3] It's hard to accept the fact That your not here I'm lonely and I cant hold back I'm sheding tears full of pain thangs aint the same I'm so alone why'd you go away I hope someday You come back home I really miss you words cant explain The way I feel and if I ever get you back i promise To keep it real I never thought I'd be without you I'm going craz yand I never ever meant to doubt you So come and save me from these heartaches I'm steady havin With all these feelins its all my fault I destroyed the tender Love we build I need to hold you in my arms tonight And squeeze you tight if you just let me make it up to you I treat you right and be there for you in all kinds of ways I really need you in my life cause you bring brighter days I'm begging please for you forgive me look into my eyes I'm sheding tears feelin guilty I miss ya but g's aint supposed to cry [Chorus] - repeat to end

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