Love Got My Mind Trippin' Testo

Testo Love Got My Mind Trippin'

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
"Love will make you do right"
Uh got my money flippin' got my mind trippin'
"Love will make you do wrong"
Got my money flippin' got my mind trippin'
"Love will make you..."

[Verse 1:]
Use your mind over your riches make you pay your dues suffer the
To improve your condition
Now I see why daddy loced up when he spoke up on the system
We just some rats poisoned by the snakes venom
Feel it the only respect is worth killin'
So there fo' no silly hoe gonna stop my cash flow
Before I let that happen I'm a let that ass go
Theres other women swimmin' in that sea there is
To let one change the way I'm gon live (say what?)
There's other women swimmin' in that sea there is
To let one change the way I'm gon live


[Verse 2:]
Equilibrium become off balance
Problems at the crib causin' me to mismanage
My financial situation but this is what I call (what?) a circumstantial
That it's time to vacate FEEL straight and escape
From the whole ordeal cause if you put 'em in they place you catch a case
Face with your third strike 25 to life
But ever since I was young I've come to recognize
That it never took love to run a enterprise
So I devise schemes to neutralize teams
Dippin' in my chocolate city smokin' plenty
Green the bombos on this side of the shore
Niggas that try to trip find 'em quick to draw
Not for tryin' to take me out
But for tryin' to take food out my kids mouth


[Verse 3:]
Wanna start livin' right your religion
So you pray got home total your bills and steal the same day
Some say it's a lack of faith but let me tell ya homey
My child ain't ever went to bed hungry
I make it happen by rappin' and sackin' up
The most exotic narcotics and I only show my people love
I'm just a westsider 24-7 watchin' my back for the ridas
And stayin' away from the P.D. who I pray will never catch me
With more than an O.Z. low key is my motto
I'm feelin' enough guilt cause I keep milk in my baby's bottle
That's all I know so fuck what you say about how I make my doe

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