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Testo Holograms

Holograms - 11x OK motherfucker, I'm pissed to the max A Texas typhoon horror 30 blade torture axe Bitch ass devil, its murders I'm bringing 'em A reborn foot soldier, thirsting for craniums Psycho, catch my drift I'll come up to your kids,click-click and conjure a quick death Rip out your face cause I take shit serious He said something about my mama, by that time I'm delirious Bring on the spirits, I'm a spiritual man sacrificing the devils, ???, so lets join hands All praise to psychos,eating flesh is a hobby Holiday inn homicides,hundreds of heads in the lobby Surgery, the surgeon said lets go He saw the corpse and said dont call me for this shit no mo' Peel his cap back, this bitch nigga want to riff Only on my command, we throwing his motherfucking ass up off a cliff Rough slice from a knife, hold him up Paramedics were scared, the coroner said I'll roll him up Niggas that oppose me, you fought out this jam Of evil spiritual illusions with ghostly physical holograms I'm having holograms! - 4X Watch as the Psyche destroys like a flood Even though my pen writes in black It seems like it writes in cold blood For the pain that they give Time I change my voice, white people die if they want to live Now as I wake up the dead, I grab him by the face and ??? into the back of his head Its crushed, like the butcher do meat Manic depressive monster inside my mind ready to be unleashed Death is like transforming a rhyme Appear holy spirit in the form of Dr Psyche-instein This is something I couldnt dodge Look at all those astronauts flying there to peep the Gods This is serious, my brain is a jail Walking through the tunnels of my mind is like walking in hell I had this talent since birth At this moment right now Farrakhan is the wisest man on earth Movies, seen one came around Ink pen so evil, it weighed a thousand fucking pounds Hes the sheep, disguised as a shepherd Gun already loaded, we could get up in that mangy leopard Step with the quickness,the deuce-five is dissing you Duck from the bullets but the javelin aint missing you Pissing you off, scrape up the blood from the floor Tidal wave came so quick it soaked up 50 people or more Now do I make myself clear? East and West coast murder rates so high I feel it down here So many styles and then, When the constitution was wrote that was death from an ink pen I'm having holograms - 5x (NIP talking) A hologram is just a state of mind. You see a picture thats really not there. Or is it really??? (NIP-evil voice) Demented voice, demented style Step to the devils demented chosen child One by one all devils get dropped Split open my chest Squeeze my lungs until my heart stops Pyscho ass nigga watch this fool go left Somebody mutilate my body so I can show you it heals itself Raging beast, raging beast Blow up the elementary I'll bet we have peace-Kill Enemies died, that is no lie, He dissed the coalition, ammunition Lil Frye High off this weedGanksta Nip is not a sucker(?) A psyche ward in 96 dead from an inkpen motherfucker I'm having holograms - 5X (holograms) 14x

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