Tha Row (Y'all Hoes) Testo

Testo Tha Row (Y'all Hoes)

(feat. Eastwood, Spider)

[repeat x2]
Oh the real, the row
Oh the real, y'all hoes

[Eastwood talking]
The row, dogghouse is 'em
Fuck 'em, representing the row nigga
How you gonna get fuck Kurupt and Suge nigga
You bitch ass nigga
You started over here you hooker ass nigga
Fuck all y'all niggaz

It ain't nothing but murder
and Suge been running you bitch niggaz for years
where's the realness at, why the fuck you popped up and disappear
what you niggaz wasn't gangsta enough for the row
spittin envy on your record Snoop Dogg you a hoe
how could you ever be a leader
when don-won got you twurlin your bouton like a fucking cheerleader
to small for the white beader
when I catch you slippin, im trippin, and dippin
nigga you still ain't crippin
with a death row wife, and death row kids
and everybody knowin that spanky ain't his
I heard you got cancer so you stopping your smoke
looking like you got aides for being Dr. Dres hoe
now its too late you weinie ass nigga, you done dissed
you old puny motha fucker you ain't fucking up shit
and I put that on my row chain nigga, when I see you I'm knocking you out

[Chorus x2]
Oh the real, the row
Oh the real, y'all hoes

[Eastwood in background]
Soopafly fuck you
Daz Dillinger fuck you
Snoop Dogg eat a dick

We done tried to kick back and be humble with the hoe
the whole world know you don't wanna rumble with the row
pick up the magazine while I stumple in the stoe
these bitch ass niggaz is mumbling some more
complaining like girls rumble the row bro
slow with the tongue and you fumble with the flow
Tray Dee told me that you's a bitch Snoop Dogg
and in the streets you don't fuck around with Goldie
but its a trip cause he's suppose to a hogg
and that nigga was a PCD up parolie
im a neigborhood factor, homeboy you's a actor
ask yo man Squeeze who really attracted
smoking ????? your work can't hurt the hogg
Daz bitch ass snitching in the Murder Dog
either further y'all nigga tried to end his life
cuz the homie was running dick all in his wife
thats some real, shit too hard that they don't wanna deal with
and he needs to quit, and bow down to a real Crip
Double O G is you smokin, you ain't lokin
nothin but that Eastsida Long Beach tokin
run out by the thugs that was really provken
the beef and know the truth from the moment that is spoken
im tokin out you hoes, leavin your shirt soakin with blood
Bad Azz know his jaw is gettin broken

[Spider talking]
hey Snoop thats why I'm fuckin your moms Barry
holla at your step pops you'll has some bomb ass pussy

[Ganxsta Ridd]
Once apon a time on the row West Coast
there was a rapper name Snoop with extended cornrolls
he would always bark about this and that
when it came down to it that man would never strap
he had a crew he rolled with yea them Dogg house cats
he called you snoopy droopy how layol was that
now kick back and smoke give you something to think about
your boy Snoop don't play what you left with his mouth
wasn't thinking bout the diss til we heard Pimp Slap'd
now its all about 45 Glocks and Macs
who you gon slap Crook, who you gon slap Kurupt
you ain't slap this shit Eastwood will fuck you up
yea and the homies ain't chromes off your table
we roll inmates so fuck yo label
im tha G-A-N-X-S-T-A, GANXSTA
fuck a Snoop Dogg on the tribe I'm a bang 'em

[Chorus x2]
Oh the real, the row
Oh the real, y'all hoes

[Eastwood & Ganxsta]
yo money we got it
yo paper we get it
boss up nigga don't get that ass toss up
heaters we pop 'em
yo bitches we knock 'em
nigga we run the west and you a punk and chucks

yo money we got it
yo paper we get it
I think its time to show the world you a hoe
heaters we pop 'em
yo bitches we knock 'em
don't ever bite the hands that feed you its the row

[Eastwood talking]
Yea nigga haha, +Pimp Slap'd+
How you gon +Pimp Slap'd+ a nigga
Nigga when you too small for the wifebeater haha
Yea that shit's funny as hell
Sucka ass nigga eat a dick nigga its the row nigga
Huh now back to some important shit
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