Use Me Testo

Testo Use Me

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Use me I'm beautiful Take me I'm yours Hurt me It feels like medicine And all i deserve People have funny things Swimming inside They swing like pendulums That turn like the tides Darling I don't need money I could be happy With someone to love Oh what a crazy time I've been a fool On a wild ride to oblivion I lost my mind But with you it's understood You make me feel strong Your arms look so powerful When they hold me down Darling I don't need money I could be happy With someone to love Everyone looks dangerous And noone keeps their promises And i am always running And you have your dark places Regretting Feeling Remembering Something We never said (regretting) We wish we said (something) We should have said (regretting) We could have said (something) Truly I don't need money Or strangers to love me Or diamonds and pearls Or fast cars Designed for the rock stars I could be happy With someone to trust Someone to love Someone to trust Use me I'm beautiufl Take me I'm yours

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