Dance Again Testo

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Testo Dance Again

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
When you need someone to take away the emptiness I hope my heart is enough When you're searching for someone who will understand I hope it's me you will trust Love is a stranger till you let it in I wanna mend your broken wings Chorus Make your heart dance again Make your heart breathe again 'Till you believe again, oh oh oh Make your heart dance again Running free again Through fields of green again, oh oh oh Just give me half a chance To make your heart dance It's never too late Don't give it all up so easily Just 'cause your heart's out of love Don't you stop dreaming Don't turn your back and walk away And know that all is not lost I'll play you a song only love can sing 'Cause I wanna mend your broken wings Chorus Every morning that you wake up As you gaze into the sky Your heart will dance just like a butterfly And nothing else means more to me And knowing someday you will see Everything you ever dreamed you'd be Chorus

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