Shooting Star Testo

Testo Shooting Star

Vers 1Where were you to hold my handDo the things that we had plannedYes i need you by my sidewhen things go crazyI just need to know you careGaranteed that you'll be therewhen i wake up in the nightwill you be my guiding lightWell i don't care how far you gonna play tonightJust tell me where you are and everythings gonna be alrightChorusLike a shooting staracross the midnight skyim gonna fly (gonna fly, gonna fly)just to be with you tonightlike a shooting staracross the midnight skyim gonna flyjust to be with you tonightRepeat vers 1Repeat chorusLike a shooting staracross the midnight skywherever you are your see me flylike a shooting staracross the mignight skywherever you are your gonna see me flyrepeat chorus till fade

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