Heaven's Table Testo

Testo Heaven's Table

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
For the guy who stopped
For the child in the street
To put a dollar in his hand for something to eat
And to the mother who works every hour God's made
To put the kids through school
And get the loans repaid


She's some kind of hero
You're some kind of saviour
Ya maybe they're angels
Cause now there will be angels
Now there will be angels
Now there will be angels sitting at heavens table

There's a woman who listens on the all night phone
To another lost soul trying to get back home
I've seen a guy pull a stranger from a burning brick
In the beat of a heart give his very last breath


Some say they're heroes
Some call them saviors
But I think they're angels

Chorus x2
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