Could Get Better Testo

Testo Could Get Better

Some days, baby I feel
Feel I'm onto something
But I can't quite shake this feeling that I'm a step behind
Some days, baby I feel
Someone's out to get me
I've felt them breathing down my neck one too many times

I don't know much, but I think it could get better

Some slip, some fall
Some hit breaks, some hit walls
We all feel like fools
'cept you don't bend, you break
and I've had all that I can take
you just cry on cue

Spend more days in the sun
There's nothing here in winter
The clichè gray's got nothing to say
We haven't heard before
Some day I hope that you see
Things that are worth having
Don't present themselves to those
Who don't break down the door

I don't know much, but I think it could get better
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