Nickajack Cave Testo

Testo Nickajack Cave

Every man has to come to a crossroad somewhere along the way. Johnny Cash came to his crossroad in a place called Nickajack Cave. Little white pills and whiskey Honky tonks and smoke One night stands with his country band Had him strung out on the ropes Well, he cried out to Jesus He said, "Jesus, I think I'm too lost to save." He already had one foot inside the grave As he stepped into the mouth of Nickajack Cave Everything was darkness Wasn't no light at all Just the cold dank air and the pitch black dirt And the spiders on the walls Well, he laid down beneath a ledge And curled up there to meet his judgement day The shivering came upon him wave by wave Well, he could feel the breath of death in Nickajack Cave Then high above him shone a light He never would forget Then he heard a voice say, "Johnny Cash, I aint through with you yet. Get up, I aint through with you yet. I aint through with you get Johnny Cash, Get up." Then he crawled out from beneath that ledge And felt a gentle breeze Tears and dirt smeared on his face As peaceful as could be Well, he knelt down upon the ground Raised his eyes up to the light and prayed He said, "Lord, I'll be your servant from this day." That's how he became "The Man In Black" in Nickajack Cave That's how he became "The Man In Black" in Nickajack Cave Get up Johnny Cash, I aint through with you yet Get up

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