A Prayer For The Unborn Testo

Testo A Prayer For The Unborn

So, I prayed But you weren't listening Making miracles? So, I begged But you were far away Saving souls perhaps? So, I screamed But she was very small And you have worlds to mend So, she died And you were glorious But you were somewhere else If you are my Shepherd Then I'm lost and no-one can find me If you are my Saviour Then I'm dead and no-one can help me If you are my Glory Then I'm sick and no-one can cure me If you light my darkness Then I'm blind and no-one can see me If you are my Father Then love lies abandoned and bleeding If you are my comfort Then nightmares are real and deceiving If you are my answer Then I must have asked the wrong question I'd spit on your heaven If I could find one to believe in

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