Crime Of Passion Testo

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Testo Crime Of Passion

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Streetcar is rusting The tracks are all gone You're far too trusting But I won't take long Old friends of someone Lie dead in the street The back scene director Knows just who I'll meet No visions of my life Will flash past my eyes I've waited thousands of years For this prize Someone is calling But who's left alive Just me and you dear Please show some surprise I've always been this way Please believe me Yellowed newspapers Drift past empty cabs Dead hotel bellboys Dream of old men they've had Ex-junkies in my house Are all blue and green Please don't cry. I love you I'm not what I seem Isn't it lovely It's just you and me I've never felt So happy to be here Look through my window At the hole in my wall Straight into my head There's nobody at all Do you think you can love me I am no-one If you were the only girl in the world And I was the only boy

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