Dark Sunday Testo

Testo Dark Sunday

You're like poison You smile at me Talk of love. 'He' will forgive me If I confess. Your dark Sunday You lied to me And so I Replaced God With a picture of my car. I don't like this I don't like this. I'm on the E kick So heaven's in my head I'm in Outland Shame on me. I want pictures People come, people go D'you think God iWll forgive me soon? You won't like this You won't like this. Rip it up Rip it into pieces Rip it up Rip it for good. Touch me, touch me. He won't like this He won't like this 'He' won't touch me I can't dance and I can't sing I'm not stone shape But time runs out. I don't like this All I see is cold and hard All I can do now Is break 'the word' I don't like this I don't like this. 'He' will love me? Well thank him For nothing. I need that like I need a disease. So pray for me. I don't mind I don't care. I've found love It's an American machine. I don't like this I don't like this.

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