Dead Heaven Testo

Testo Dead Heaven

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Thought I was asleepLost to dreamsI was dying in a big machineDidn't think the voice that called meCould be real.Thought I woke upLost my faithI was staring at the face of rageDidn't think I'd see the demon in "His" heart.Thought I saw bloodTurn to wineA vision from the angel warsDidn't think I'd find the saviour in the dark.Thought I saw a lightTear the stormShowing me the way to GodDidn't know that Heaven died and went to Hell.Blessed is dead HeavenBlessed are shadows and painBlessed is dead HeavenBlessed is death in "His" nameThought I saw rainBlack and coldFalling on a child's graveThought I saw an angel laugh and piss on it.Thought I saw a danceStrange and cruelSwaying to the screams of menThought I saw the Lord's disciples laugh at that.Thought I saw loveSacrificedMary under three wise menThought I saw the Virgin look at me and cry.Thought I saw a crossAnd Jesus deadBurning in the midnight skyThought I saw God dancing in the flames.Glory is dead HeavenGlory is shadows and painGlory is dead HeavenGlory is death in "His" name"Do you confess?""Cleanse your sin""Do you believe in the word of God?"Welcome to dead HeavenWelcome to shadows and painWelcome to dead HeavenWelcome to death in "His" name

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