Do You Need The Service? Testo

Testo Do You Need The Service?

Morgan confessa: "Ecco perché ho lasciato X Factor"
Do you need the service? Do you need to call me daily? Do you have reasons for calling at all? Is something on your mind? Is something wrong? I get the feeling That you're laughing at my quiet surprise My silhouette is changing As im' aging by your window And I focus on a light by your face Call me `the operator' Making comments "he's so technical" Or "I've absolutely nothing to do" Recycle all my photographs I'll leave a picture of the queen And no one has to know I was there Me, I'm so ashamed You're all connected to my number And the conversation's only polite I'll wear my old grey raincoat Just in case you're `confidential' Make up stories like "the screen fades away" Today it's in a taxi By the station, and it's raining And I wonder how they all made it before