Do You Need The Service? Testo

Testo Do You Need The Service?

Do you need the service? Do you need to call me daily? Do you have reasons for calling at all? Is something on your mind? Is something wrong? I get the feeling That you're laughing at my quiet surprise My silhouette is changing As im' aging by your window And I focus on a light by your face Call me `the operator' Making comments "he's so technical" Or "I've absolutely nothing to do" Recycle all my photographs I'll leave a picture of the queen And no one has to know I was there Me, I'm so ashamed You're all connected to my number And the conversation's only polite I'll wear my old grey raincoat Just in case you're `confidential' Make up stories like "the screen fades away" Today it's in a taxi By the station, and it's raining And I wonder how they all made it before

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