Fadeout 1930 Testo

Testo Fadeout 1930

Fadeout 1930 era I never really tried you out But all my friends who used to be Just never had the time for me You can change your colours I'll just change my point of view I'll live a lie to prove my point Or I'll turn all my thought to you Fadeout 1930 Keep a low profile Strange how it gets around Out of sight, Out of mind I look through me, I'm out of mine Everything I say, I've heard And nothings mine except my wall Do you being (begin?) to see There really is no me at all Fadeout 1930 Please don't feel scared Nothing's ever quite what it seems I hope the sadness doesn't show For I still cling to some old dreams Private thoughts just to you My head liked private ways I've never tried so hard before I've really nothing left to say Fadeout 1930

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