My Breathing Testo

Testo My Breathing

Assassination of the voice of GodI don't know if I can do itI've found the problem and the problem's youI'm here to pick up the pieces.You won't remember me but I do youI told you that I would come backEverything will be decided hereThey can read it in the papers.Your breathing haunts meMy breathing?The sleeproom still waits for me.Join the army you can see the worldI remember this one patrolBeen liberating river townsAnd we picked up the sex skin crawl.We would sing the new leader's songEveryone invented storiesThe connection was a fragile thingFar too many distractions.I've been listening to the new 'DJ'What's all this 'original' con?We all live in the same museumWe all rearrange the same old song.Assassination by the radioI don't know if they can do itI've found the problem and the problem's 'One'I'm here to pick up the pieces.

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