My Centurion Testo

Testo My Centurion

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
Somewhere inDark cornersI knowSomething is wrong.No fearNo talkingJust this long wait for painScream screamWe're going downMy centurion diesAll I can do now is wait for the noiseI'm so helpless andI could just cry inside'No! No!'Oh GodLook at the speedWe're going inSo thisIs death andIt's soCalm I'm surprisedAll I can do now is wait for noiseThis machineNo sign of lifeOnly the whisper of airShe won't turnShe won't climbShe won't stopShe won't flyI'm fallingI'm silentI'm thinkingI'm waiting for this thing to end.All I can do now is wait for the noise.