My World Storm Testo

Testo My World Storm

Dear Jack: Leiner Riflessi sostituisce Alessio Bernabei
This is new vengeance.I like noiseI suck artI like romance when it's in my car.This is new vengeance.I like gamesI like youI like pressure if it hurts them too.This is new vengeance.I'll do it, I can do itI'll take it, if I want itI'll say it, if I feel itI'll have it, if I need itSold outNo shitDon't need approval and I don't need this.This is new vengeance.I like carsI like fameI like people when they call my name.This is new vengeance.I'll burn your pictureI'll burn your house downI'll change your world thenI'll listen to reason.