Only A Downstat Testo

Testo Only A Downstat

Only a downstatPersonality problemHe would say things like 'I love you'And cry real tearsMet him in some placeLike a home for old mothersWhere the cure is always deathBut no-one ever leavesHe wore a number 7Badge on his collarHe would show it with prideAnd say 'it means I can feel'He'd bribe the wardersTo send letters to someoneWho didn't even know his nameBut said she'd read them anywayAnd in the evening (??)He writes poetry for peopleWho deny he's aliveAnd say 'I'll mention that name'A violator of the law of no feelingsThey should be put in the chairUntil their eyes come in (??)If you have reasonsI might sell you my timeI'll leave it under the stairsIn a body of mineOld memories are slowly fading out of meWe are the unknowns, we are all you need

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