Play Like God Testo

Testo Play Like God

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I was youngI was cold but not insaneI had one good friendIt was a voice without a nameAnd so here we areSame need and same mistakeBut it could be yoursYou see it could be even be yoursI said I've done thingsThat left me hurt and ashamedShe said all I needIs a place to hide the painShe said don't trust dreamsBecause dreams will break your heartI said little girls play in the house of shameSome of us play like GodPlay like God,Save my soulPlay like GodI know that God don't live here in my heartShe said touch my soulI've never touched someone so coldShe said touch my heartI've never touched something so oldShe said play like GodAnd then you can play with meI moved undergroundAnd caught the isolation bluesSound familiar?I said kiss my faceI've seen things you'll never seeShe said kiss my arseI've been everything I needShe said memoriesAre only there to make you bleedI said little girls play in big boys gamesSome of us play but cryPlay like GodSave my soulPlay like GodI know that God don't live here in my worldWhere do we belong?She said I've been sickBut then no-one's clean for longShe said pray for meLike God, I've fucked the worldI said little girls play with the big diseaseSome of us play with you

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