Prophecy Testo

Testo Prophecy

We are deceivedValhalla is fallingWe are betrayedWe are lost and forsaken.He's sold the worldSold us all to the hungerThe body of ChristIs as black as his soul.The word of the LordIs the lie of your fatherThis mortal sinIs a voice of shame.Look at the stormLike a dying apostleCruel and divineLike the ghost of man.And now you realiseI am the truth.Worship the deadThe damned and misledTortured and bledLike the voices of reason.Sacred and pureSanctified obsessionHoly and curedLike a doorway to heaven.Sisterhood criedInnocence liedPurity diedWith the angels of passion.Blessed are theyWho pay homage to rumourI've seen the lightShine on the grave of Man.And now you realiseI am the truth.And I believed.Amen.

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