Rip It Up Testo

Testo Rip It Up

The new law is moving inNow you see them now you don'tLike a Shadow in my diguiseLike a soft machine on iceWho are you?'I'm the manI am the cure and disease'Who am I?I'm the needI am the weakness that feedsI've got to rip it upI've got to tear it downI've got to break the wordI've got to fight for youWho am I to criticiseI'm unsafe at any speed'We can change the world' she saidNever changed it never triedI'm cold and hardBut I don't mindI've been everything I can be I've been sickAnd I've got he screamsThese boys don't know when to pushDid you know that I don't runDid you know that I don't hideDid you know that I don't sleepDid you know that I don't careI am the soft machineI am the word and the lawI am the new machineI am your feelings and moreCome inside and Play with meI'll show you things to forgetNo-one talksAnd no-one leavesNo-one remembers the wayI've got to fight the manI've got to fight the needI've got to fight the lawI've got to fight the word

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