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She sits in the cornerWhere it's reasonably quietDrinking coffee with creamThinking stories of young loveShe calls to the waiter'Won't you lend me some time?You can sit by my sideAnd I'll let you be friends with mine.'The cafe is oldBut the candlelight's newShe orders Beaujolais wineAnd says 'I've thought of you too'She whispers 'Isn't it oddYou remind me of songsThat I'd rather forgetLike feelings I longed forYou haunt me insideSometimes I recallQuestion mistakesWho grew to nothing at all'I hear voices that cryAnd one of them's mineAll the things I could sayAre the reasons I can'tShe says 'I've seen you beforeIn thoughts I call 'son'Like an old film with soundWhen the link comes undone'The waiter is meAnd the woman is youAnd we are the storyJust like others I knew

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