The Hunter Testo

Testo The Hunter

Tiziano Ferro, al concerto non si presentano 1000 persone per paura di attentati
I'm in a big clean roomThere's blood on my shirtI'm in bad shape from the crashNow I know it's all overNow I know it's all over youSomething's wrong.Now I know it's all overNow I know the hunter's youOh you have the faceBut I have the picturesA secondhand love in a dying machineThis game turns me coldI could show you some thingsA child with a ghost in her eyes cries for meWe break outAnd we break out hungryWe're looking for the priestAnd we're looking for youI can't believe the noiseThere's nothing I can doWe'll never get out of here aliveSomething's wrongI can't believe it.