The Life Machine Testo

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Testo The Life Machine

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Me I've just diedBut some machine keeps on hummingI'm just an extra piece of dead meat to keep runningWhy won't you let me die in peace?Why won't you let me die with some kind of honour?Why won't you let me die at all?I knowYou've got your principlesMy body lies immobileI left it days agoAnd me I watch from somewhere as the loved ones come and goI see them glancing at the switchI hear them whispering "maybe it's better that way"I see the love turn into feelingsI knowAren't quite the sameI see the men of learningPacing to and froBut how can I expect the sane to ever know?I'd rather die than have no mindI know my brain is gone "damaged beyond repair"I see an empty shell below meI knowI've had my time

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