The Need Testo

Testo The Need

Get the needGet it.I'm in the movies.Hello young thingI'm an old film starMaybe you've seen my picture.I need itLike an old newsreelI'm just fading away.Bang bang dearI've got the needlesAnd I've got the needIf you'd be so kind.Come on and feel the need in meCome on and feel the need.Feel it!Hello young thingI've got reverse instructionsIn the back of my car.I need itDon't cry till this thing is overAnd my friends applaud.Bang bang dearWhen can we do this againAnd put it all on filmHello young loveI've got something to show youAnd please don't be ashamed.I'm the manI'm the atrocity film starAnd I've got the need.

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