The Skin Game Testo

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Testo The Skin Game

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You're welcome to fameYou're welcome to tryI've been on TV, sold my face to youYou're welcome to loveYou're welcome to meI burned my dream, sold my heart, nobody knewListen childrenI've seen my futureCall it the deadline for nowI've heard secretsI've heard excusesI've heard a voice in the darkYou're waiting for meYou've made a mistakeI'll give you nothing but lies, or nothing at allI'm playing a gameI'm playing with youI call it shameful, 'the skin game,' don't you?You're playing it cold(Ripping it up)You're playing for time(I don't like pictures)You're breaking my rules and I won't let you goI'm looking for you(Welcome to me)Somebody screamed(It's no use talking)I've connections with God. What do you need?Lost in junk sickNo sleep no motionShe said 'he's nothing to lose'Love sick? Skin gameWelcome to romanceShe's like the heart of the worldI'm still breathingWelcome to my houseI'd steal from God, wouldn't you?One more questionAm I in danger?Rumours. And I've got the fearLooking for youIs it any wonder?Tearing it upLiving on empty

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