We Have A Technical Testo

Testo We Have A Technical

We have a random on the westsidePersonality malfunctionHe says I can't give you anything at allJust a room with a bad view of youHe sent a letter to a downstatSaying sorry that I missed youBut I can't think of anything to doHe's addicted to the time trackWe have a technicalWe have a technicalHe's in a hotel where they all goSaying "Boy, I've lost my memory"It's so surprisingJust how quickly things can endLike a hero on a platform of friendsThis table is so crowdedWith people that I don't knowAnd I never really turnMy thoughts on youSo the image breaks down againWe have a technicalWe have a technicalI suppose it's very shadyAt least until the lights go outAdvertising posters on the wallAnd the young boys singing softlyDo they ever come backOr is it always at the wrong timeI could crawl around the floorJust like I'm realAnd move a hand in front of my eyesWe have a technicalWe have a technical

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