Wonder Eye Testo

Testo Wonder Eye

One Direction: a marzo 2016 scioglimento temporaneo per dedicarsi a progetti solisti
And sometimes,When I'm lonely,I think of youAnd I wonderAnd sometimes,When someoneCalls your name,I wonderYou changed my lifeAnd you could have changed my worldAnd IMiss your voice andI miss your heartbeatI miss your face andI miss youAnd sometimesWhen I'm sleeping,I dream of youAnd I wonderAnd sometimesWhen I forget,I call for youAnd I wonderYou said 'goodbye'Said 'It's over'You said 'I'm tiredI can't waitAll my lifeI won't cryAnymore'And sometimes whenI wonderI cry for youAnd I miss youAnd sometimes IRememberHow to feel againAnd I miss you