You Are, You Are Testo

Testo You Are, You Are

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
You are you areHopefully mistakenLike old tiesYou'll soon be broken downLike all the rest who triedYou are you areSomething quite surprisingStory's oddConcerning loveThe scene will change for you, you knowYou are you areJust a good reflectionNothing moreYou'd like to take me for the worldTo see you leaveYou are you areA living exhibitionDefying ageLike a seasoned veteranOf men for cashI know how to hide and wait for youI know how to wait I won't forgetExactly what you areSee her shine like starsBefore they burnSee her shine with starsBefore they fade awaySuch a shameThe best of fame