Hold You Up Testo

Testo Hold You Up

Suddenly like lightning there is a doubt
25 was a good time but I'm older now
How did I get so lost in the middle of night
Oh where have you been all my life
Round here they pick me up and let me down
Pour some salt in your wounds and then lay you out
I've never seen anybody get out of this town alive

But I'd sure like to show you round
Where the moon lays the ocean down
But if you got someone to see
I don't mean to hold you up

When you finally finished feeling sorry for yourself
Come on I'll give you a reason to feel sorry for yourself
So I moved away from home to get away from it all
Found out the blues could follow me
I used to come home and play records on the tapedeck
In a big old Buick like our fathers had
Turns out we're just like our fathers, babe, well look at that

And I'd sure like to show you around
This old heart loves you now
And if you got someone to see
I don't mean to hold you up

And I'd sure love to prove you wrong
And not everyone trying to steal your love
So if you got someone to be
Well I'd sure love to show around
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