Dream Thief Testo

Testo Dream Thief

Dear miss ultra violet i haven't learned to smile yet
we were strong as the sea 'til ya pulled a moses
you drowned the dove and ya dried the roses
oh baby i can't believe you'd be so mean
you came for my love but ya left with my dreams

i'm mister ultra black and blue i've not learned to forget you
i count my money it counts for nothing
i can't afford to buy your loving
oh baby you ain't nothin' of what you seem
you came for my love but ya left with my dreams

dear miss ultra violet I can't look at you yet
it burns my heart with deep regret
and I can't believe that I made that bet
oh baby you must think I'm some kind of creep
it's not enough that ya stole my dreams now I can't even sleep

she's a dream thief
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