Close Up Testo

Testo Close Up

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
VERSE 1: This might sound a bit crazy. But I can't help but say it. I'll tell you what I saw and you tell what you think. This a.m. after breakfast, I was crusin' past the sidewalk exit, Up, the store where you work every mornin'. And this blonde-haired boy with this trumpit toy, And his new shoes on, And your hair was long, You were flippin it left and right as you were. He was sayin things you were listenin, You were talkin back, You thought I didn't see that, But, baby everybody's always said I had eyes behind my hat. CHORUS: I held you in close up. I held you in close up. I didn't wanna get too excited, wasn't invited to the party So I didn't come in. VERSE 2: Ah girl I held you in close up, and you lied. I know I'm abrasive, but I'm not control creation. I just demand what I need and I trash what's left. We're tired that's alright. We learn to believe in cold nights, And many we seen in this outfit. Cloudy skies with you, rainy eyes with you, And this other jake, he's such a flake, And he slimed me with every intention. What a tragedy, what a sight to see, Now I'm throwin dirt, because that really hurt, And no,nnnnnn,nothin's gonna make me believe we could be what we were. CHORUS Ohhh, I held you in close up And you lied to my face. Ah baby, you been a bad, bad, girl. I held you in close up (X7) And thhissss issss whaaaa, ohhh, ohhhhh, it's what I get. Oh, you've been so bad.

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